I can’t find my purchase.

Once you’ve completed the purchase through Clickbank, you will receive an email confirmation and receipt from Clickbank. Inside this email, will be a download link for your purchase.

If you do not see the email, give it a few hours and make sure you check your spam folder.

If after a few hours you still have not received your email confirmation from Clickbank, send us an email at support@numerologist.com with the subject line “Did not receive Clickbank confirmation email”.

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    Ashrif Emon

    The email provided by click bank not working.

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    the email with link from clickbank is not working have given nearly 5 request to numerologist.com but no fruitful reply except rating request from your customer care

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    I have not receive any confirmation email and am not able to access my numerology report through Clickbank's payment approval site. I have written 5 emails to numerology.com but have yet to receive a concrete answer. Can I have a full refund?

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    Customer Care

    UPDATE: Thanks for your patience and support. There recently has been an issue where Clickbank was delayed in sending our system data regarding orders. This resulted in some customers experiencing up to 2-3 hours for Clickbank to send our system data regarding your report.

    We have addressed this and request that anyone that has experienced this please check your links again. If you still experience this then please send us a ticket and we will help look into this further. For future reference we request that all customers allow up to 24 hours for the delivery of our Deluxe Numerology Report until submitting a ticket about an order not received or experiencing no access.


    Numerologist.com Customer Care Team

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    Harri E2

    hello i can not find my member sign in site for my daily horoscopes etc

    Help plz.





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    Kristi Cabana

    It's only been a day an it looks like my video is inactive. I'm requesting a refund.

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